Alpaka South Tyrol

Mike de Oro

Mike stands out because of his beautiful color pattern. He is the leader of the alpaca gang and is very attentive. He does not miss even the smallest noise.

Alpaca Sarntal

Luis Presley Gardena Valley

His shortname is just Luis. He is very proud of his beautiful hair and he resembles a polar bear. His humming is unique and will make you smile.


Alpaca Reinswald

Gonzales de Oro

He doesn't only look like a teddy bear, he is one. With his curiosity and charming nature, you can only take him to your heart.

Alpaca Hofmannanger

Timo de Oro

Timo is the son of Toffee and is just developing into a magnificent male. He is very lovable and food is his passion. With his funny behaviour he has made it to the clown of the farm and we couldn't imagine a day without him. 


Gaia de Humaquilca

Gaia is the oldest of the alpaca gang. She was born in Chile and traveled by ship to Italy. Now she has found her home at the Hofmannanger farm. When you come to visit her, you will definitely notice her characteristic feature.


Toffee AOS  

Toffee is a proud Swiss lady and enchants us with her fluffy ears. She is a slightly larger alpaca and feels very comfortable with us.

Highland Cattle

Highland cattle

Diva von Liens

Diva is the leader of the herd. She is a very proud cow, but she also likes it when you give her some affection.

Highland cattle


Nina is a black highland cow and she loves to eat. She is very curious and loves to be combed.

Highland cattle


Rita is a bit shy and likes to graze or lie apart from the herd. But as soon as you have gained her trust, she will take you straight to her heart.

Black brown mountain sheep


Our flock consists of sheep of the breed "black-brown mountain sheep". This breed is very hardy and uncomplicated. They have good mothering qualities, milk and meat yield.



"Hundi" is the lead sheep and brings a lot of calmness to the flock. Hundi likes to be cuddled on the neck and listens to his name.

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